Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Videos: High Speed and DIY Scanners Edition

I want to say 'hello' to any new viewers of the Muse- I have recently been so honored as to have a link to this blog displayed on the newly debuted '', and traffic here has spiked due to the exposure.  Welcome!  Peasant Muse does indeed talk about Russian history, but also covers subjects like the 'Digital Humanities' and the digital revolution reconfiguring the way we interact and produce knowledge at a fundamental level.  I use this blog to help articulate my ideas on these subjects, so feel free to comment if you have a critique or additional information I should read.  

On (most) Wednesdays, I post videos on a variety of topics.  Today, I've found two good examples for viewing: one uber high-speed camera footage that, run at normal speed of 30-32 fps, brings new meaning to slow motion, the other a great introduction to a DIY project that puts the means, once reserved for the expensive Google Books project, to scan titles within the reach of mere mortals.  

First, Tom Guilmette and his adventures with the new Phantom Flex in a Vegas hotel room. 

Way too cool.  The next video is Daniel Reetz showing off his DIY book scanner design at the Berkman Center at Harvard.  More info can be found at his site, - check it out if you need a fun project that will definitely impress your nerdy friends.

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  1. Hi Jobermallow - love your work! Moira says she loves your work as well - woof! Hubble doesn't read.